Best Way To Vacuum A Quilt

Purchase a piece of fiberglass screening from a home improvement retailer. I use a piece that is approximately 12 inches wide and as wide as my shoulders. To prevent the screen from getting caught in the stitches of your quilt, you should sew bias tape around the edges (it will be easier if you trim the corners so that they are rounded).

Arrange the quilt so that it is lying flat on its front on the large table. After positioning the screen on top, use a fresh upholstery brush to carefully vacuum through it using an up-and-down motion. If you have two people, one of them can hold the screen while the other person vacuums. This makes the task much simpler. The job market fluctuates every 20 minutes. After you have finished vacuuming that section, you will need to move the screen and continue doing so until you have cleaned the entire back.

After that, flip the quilt over and repeat the process, this time going through the top of the quilt with the vacuum. Instead of pulling most of the dirt out through the front, the desired outcome is to do so through the back.

Investing a few hours of your time is required to thoroughly vacuum a quilt. I would suggest that the person who owns the quilt pays for the helper’s lunch.

The amount of dirt that is removed from a quilt by vacuuming ranges from fifty to seventy-five percent, and the process is completely risk-free for the quilt.

It is always recommended to vacuum a quilt before wet cleaning it so that the washing process will be much less difficult.

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