Brother KE-430F Electronic Lockstitch Direct Drive Programmable Bartacker

Electronic Lockstitch Direct Drive Programmable Bartacker with Direct Drive by Brother Model KE-430F

Table, stand, motor, and a sewing area of 30mm by 40mm are all included.

NEW electronic lockstitch programmable direct drive bartacker from Brother, the KE-430F. It has a stitching field that is 30 mm by 40 mm and comes with pre-programmed patterns. The package includes not just the table but also the stand and the engine. Because their products are so widely used, Brother has been able to have a commanding lead in the market for bartack machines for a number of years now. This has enabled the company to keep its leading position in the market.

These machines come with over 90 pre-coded designs and have the ability to be programmed to stitch any pattern inside a 30mm by 40mm stitching area. Additionally, the designs can be accessed directly from the machine. In addition to that, these machines include an automatic thread cutter in the package. Nick-O also offers its customers a variety of area clamps, in addition to vertical tacking feet that may be used with Mole Tacks and other kinds of tacks.

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