Business Idea – Setup Quilting Retreats For Avid Quilters

Most avid quilters have more than one project going at a time.

Often, there’s one quilting project that gets put aside so long that it seems almost impossible to complete.

If you find yourself in a quilting rut, maybe it’s time to consider quilters retreats.

There are organized quilters retreats in just about every state in the U.S.

To learn about quilters retreats near you, contact your closest quilters guild or other sewing club.

Some quilting clubs offer quilters retreats that are one or two day events.

In a one day event, you might take your project to work on for several hours while enjoying the camaraderie of others who share your favorite hobby.

Lunch or dinner might be part of the one day quilters retreat or it might be a brown bagger lunch where you would take your own.

On a two day quilters retreat, you might return a second day for more of the same. More elaborate quilters retreats are sleep-overs.

They might be hosted at a bed and breakfast, a hotel with convention rooms or at a convention center set up with lots of tables for work stations.

Quilters retreats give participants a chance to escape the interruptions of every day life so they can concentrate on completing their projects.

Quilters retreats that last several days often include lectures by professional quilters and expos by companies who make fabrics or other quilting supplies.

If your local quilting clubs don’t offer one day quilters retreats and if a multiple quilters retreat isn’t in your budget, create your own retreat for yourself or a friend or two.

To create your own quilters retreat, find a quiet place in which to work. Unplug the phone or turn it off. Turn your cell phones to vibrate so you can still be reached in case of emergency.

If you and your friends like to quilt with music, make sure to keep the air filled with work-friendly tunes. Make sure you have plenty of supplies for your quilters retreat.

Chances are that your guests will bring their own scissors, but it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair on hand just in case someone forgets theirs.

It would be added fun to have your guests bring scraps of fabric they have had stashed but haven’t found a place to use. Your fabric exchange might just inspire a new quilt project for a future quilters retreat.

If you’d like to plan a quilters retreat, but don’t really have any outstanding projects to delve into, why not plan an inspirational retreat? Visit your local library and get quilting books and magazines to use as you and your friends search for ideas. If your retreat room will have Internet access, you could search for ideas on it, too.

The Internet is a valuable resource for quilters. There are plenty of how-to-quilt websites that offer inspiration and answer frequently asked questions to help quilters along with their projects.

If you are hosting your own quilters retreat, don’t forget to provide snacks for your guests.

There’s no need to be elaborate since the main focus of the day is quilting. Bottled drinks are a good idea so your friends can secure the lids if they’re drinking while working on a project.

If the bottle gets tipped over, no liquid will spill on their work! If you work better alone, plan the day for yourself.

No interruptions — just you and your quilting.

A one-quilter retreat can be productive, especially if you find yourself distracted by conversations or feel that you would concentrate more on entertaining your friends than on your own quilting projects.

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