Celebrate 2021 National Friendship Day With Friendship Quilt Block Patterns

Friendship quilts reminds us of our friends and beloved kin who express their care by designing these quilts.

These quilts at times also bring a touch of sadness since usually these quilts are designed for those who are moving to distant places. Friendship quilt block patterns can be categorized into two different types of autograph quilts.

One is single pattern quilts which are often referred as ‘friendship quilts’, while the others are more formal ones and are referred as ‘sampler album quilts’. Though both types are symbolic of signed remembrances tradition; they are different.

In a sample album quilt, a number of uniquely positioned pieces or appliquéd blocks are used. Each block represents a special memory of the recipient of the quilt. The friendship quilt above was made by several quilters for an art and literature teacher at our children’s elementary school.

Each quilter made a block and then the quilt was sewn together and each of us took turns quilting on it.

A Friendship Quilt made for a teacher who was having a baby. Each student decorated a heart.

Friendship quilts generally are made of blocks of the same pattern, usually with different color fabrics.

The blocks are then signed by friends and family members.

These quilts serve as a precious memory for both the recipient and the makers, creating a bond even though they may be far apart.

In times past, friendship quilts were made by stitching already available fabric or old fabric scraps. It was possible for almost every woman to make these quilts irrespective of financial circumstances.

The time consumed in making friendship quilts, which were made up of block patterns, is often in collecting fabric or blocks from the friends or family members of the recipient. An excellent and efficient way of getting your friendship quilt started is by acquiring discount fabric.

Once gathered, the pieces are sewn together and the layers are quilted.

No matter when individual block patterns were made, the common purpose of all these blocks is to record memories of treasured friends and kin.

Friendship quilts are a means to keep the memories of all loved ones in the form of a quilt.

Friendship quilts are still popular today.

By Penny Halgren of http://www.How-To-Quilt.com. 

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