Divide And Conquer Quilt Blocks – Project Case Study Part 4

With the fabric bought, washed, dried and ironed, it is time to cut up both the ugly quilt squares and the beautiful batiks.

Place the batik on your cutting mat right sides up, and then place the ugly fabric on top, also right sides up.

Be sure that the edges of the squares line up all the way around.

Now is the time to get bold!

Take your rotary cutter and cut through both layers of fabric. Feel free to cut curves, straight lines — whatever looks fun.

One caution — you will need to sew these back together, so I would not do anything too complicated or fancy.

Also, if you are doing curved pieces, I suggest big areas rather than small areas. If you are doing strips, narrow ones will work (but not too narrow).

The idea here is to switch the cut pieces between the squares, which can be done as you place them on your flannel wall.

As you can see, Stephanie cut what looks like a winding path out of the center of the squares.

When she placed them on the flannel wall, the center of one square is the ugly fabric, and the center of the other square is the purple batik.

Follow the same process with all of your squares. Arrange them on your flannel wall as you would like to sew them together.

By Penny Halgren of http://www.How-To-Quilt.com

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