DIY Back To School Gift Idea For Kids, Teens & Adults: Handmade Dorm Room Bedding Quilts

In spite of the fact that it is the middle of summer, quilters who have children or grandkids who have recently graduated from high school could be getting ready to relocate into their very first college dorm. A handmade quilt is a wonderful keepsake to send with your children when they are going to be away from home for an extended period of time.

The vast majority of dormitories offer beds but require students to bring their own sheet sets, blankets, and other bedding for their beds. In order to create a more cohesive cute aesthetic in their room, it is not uncommon for students to choose to coordinate the bed coverings or comforters they use with their roommates. Others would rather not compromise their unique identities. It doesn’t matter what style of bedding the college student in your life chooses, a quilt is always a welcome addition to a dorm room.

You are free to create any kind of quilt you choose, but if you cater it to the preferences of the students, it will be much more successful. You can choose whichever quilt block you like, but the student’s favorite color combination should be the one you use. Make an effort to provide novelty prints that feature the things that are most important to your students.

T-shirt quilts are also popular choices for students going away to college. Their old graphic tees turned into a quilt, keep some of their favorite memories right there with them. Or, use old blue jeans to make a tough quilt that can withstand whatever wear college might bring. Remember, in most dorms, students use their beds as a couch and as a study center as well as for sleeping. Piece together some denim squares with the seams toward the front to make a rag quilt.

To keep family close to your heart, make a photo quilt for your college student to carry to the dorm. Ask friends to loan you some of their favorite pics with your student. Transfer them to fabric quilt blocks with transfer paper or by using your favorite method of printing directly to fabric. Then, piece the blocks together. If you have a lot of pics, try transferring them to one large white or neutral-colored piece of fabric (they’ll show up better) and make a whole cloth quilt collage. You can tie the quilt, or quilt it using your favorite stitching pattern. Even simple lines look great!

If the student you are sending off to college likes quilting, too, enlist some help from him or her. The extra time spent with you sharing your love for quilting is a priceless memory that will always be attached to the quilt you made together. For more fun, invite friends to join you and turn it into a quilting party. It’s a great send-off for your college student and his/her friends!

One thing to keep in mind when quilting for the dorm – wall hangings may not be the best idea. Most schools have regulations about how things may be hung on walls. Don’t expect to be able to use mounting hardware or even simple nails on dorm walls. If you simply must make a wall quilt, make sure it is lightweight enough to hang with removable adhesive hooks (if your school will allow even that).

College is a big move, especially for students who are moving onto campus. Many of these students have never been away from home for an extended period of time until now. The quilt you make will definitely provide comforting warmth and comforting memories for the student for which you quilt. Quilting just may help you, too. A little quilting therapy can help clear your mind while you deal with empty nest syndrome. It is hard to say goodbye to a child when you move them into a dorm. But when you send them with a quilt, it’s like a little bit of yourself stays too.

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