Handmade Neck Tie Quilt Ideas For Father’s Day Gift 2021

The necktie has become known as the traditional Father’s Day gift. If you come from a large family of tie-givers, or if your dad just happens to have a bunch of old ties lying around, give him something different this year.

Use those old neckties to make a quilt. It’s a great recycling project and a good way to repurpose old gifts that your father may be holding onto simply because the sentimental value of the old ties has long outlived their usefulness.

The number of neckties you have will determine the size of the quilt you can make. If you are afraid you will run short, visit an area thrift store or ask other family members to help you collect more.

You will cut quilt pieces from each tie so it is important to get as much fabric from each one as possible. Open up the seams of your ties so you can use every possible inch.

Of course, the seam areas themselves will probably be too creased to use, but opening them up will allow you to cut as closely as possible.

Ties make great scrappy quilts. Decide on a single size square or on several sizes that can be pieced together to create a quilt top. You can also cut triangles to stitch together to form square patches.

Whether or not you add batting to your necktie quilt is your decision. You could simply add a backing, bind the edges, and be done.

You might also choose to finish off your quilt without batting by tying the quilt in several places to hold the quilt top and back together and prevent slipping.

If you decide to add a layer of batting, quilt as you normally would. Either quilt in the ditch or add a favorite quilt pattern. You could also tie the quilt.

Instead of the usual old way of using embroidery floss or yarn to tie your quilt, why not add some masculine buttons?  They will be a fun embellishment and will go right along with the masculine neck tie theme.

If you cannot come up with enough ties to make the size quilt top you want, consider making a center panel from the ties and adding coordinating solid colors around the edges similar to wide borders. These will be very pretty when quilted!

You might also choose to do just the reverse: make traditional inside blocks and use the piece cut from ties to border the quilt. Either way you choose makes for some nice quilting!

To make the tie quilt you make for your dad extra special, write memories associated with each tie you use on the quilt backing. You could, for instance, point out that you gave him one of the ties and he wore it to your graduation.

Or, he wore a particular tie to your sister’s wedding, etc. Make the notes on a quilt label or journal block that you attach to the backing of the quilt.

Necktie quilts are a great way to preserve memories, especially when you preserve the memories right on the quilt itself. These memories can be especially welcomed by dads who are hospitalized or living in a nursing home. They are also fun for other family members to read and reminisce about.

While your dad may appreciate another necktie as a gift this Father’s Day, he is sure to absolutely love a quilt made from his old ties! If you have other siblings who also like to quilt, you can include them in your project and make the gift one from the whole quilting gang!

The borders of this wall hanging are made using silk ties. The cats are embroidered on silk.This is another design using silk ties.
These will be hand appliqued onto squares of silk.

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