Handmade Neck Tie Quilt Ideas For Father’s Day Gift

The necktie has come to be recognized as the customary present given on Father’s Day. Give him something unique this time around, particularly if you come from a large family in which everyone always gives ties as gifts or if your father just so happens to have a lot of old ties lying around.

Make a quilt out of those old neckties you have lying around. Because of the sentimental value attached to the old ties, your father may be holding on to them even though they are no longer practical to use. This is an excellent project for recycling, as well as a good way to repurpose old gifts that he received in the past.

The size of the quilt you are able to sew is going to be determined by the quantity of neckties you have. Go to a local thrift shop or ask other members of your family for assistance in gathering additional items if you are concerned that you will not have enough.

Because you will be cutting quilt pieces from each tie, it is imperative that you remove as much fabric as you possibly can from each one. Remove the stitching from your ties so that you can make the most of every available inch.

Although the seam areas themselves will most likely be too creased to use, opening them up will enable you to cut as closely as possible to the seams.

Quilts made from scraps of ties can look fantastic. Make a decision on whether you want to create a quilt top using a single size square or multiple sizes of squares that can be pieced together. You could also cut triangles to use as patches that you would then stitch together to form squares.

You are free to decide for yourself whether or not to include batting in your necktie quilt. You would only need to attach a backing, bind the edges, and then you would be finished.

You could also choose to complete your quilt without using batting by tying it in several places to prevent the top and back of the quilt from slipping apart and to hold the quilt top and back together.

Continue quilting as you normally would even if you decide to add an additional layer of batting. Either quilt in the ditch or add a pattern from one of your favorite quilting books. There is also the option of tying the quilt.

Why not use some manly buttons to tie your quilt instead of the traditional methods of using embroidery floss or yarn? They are going to be a fun embellishment, and they are going to fit in perfectly with the theme of the manly neck tie.

If you are unable to find enough ties to make a quilt top of the desired size, one option is to make a center panel out of the ties and add solid colors that coordinate with the rest of the quilt around the edges in the manner of wide borders. When they are quilted, these will be very pretty!

You could also decide to do the exact opposite and make traditional blocks for the interior, and then use the piece that was cut from the ties to border the quilt. No matter which approach you take, the end result will be a beautiful quilt.

On the backing of the quilt that you are going to make for your dad out of ties, you should write down memories that are associated with each tie that you use. This will make the quilt extra special. You might, for example, bring up the fact that you gave him one of the ties and that he wore it to your graduation after you gave it to him.

Or, for example, he wore a specific tie to the wedding of your sister, etc. You can jot down your thoughts on an attached journal block or quilt label that you’ve sewn onto the quilt’s backing.

Quilts made from neckties are a wonderful way to keep memories alive, and this is especially true if the memories are recorded directly on the quilt itself. These recollections can be especially comforting for fathers who are confined to a hospital bed or who are residing in a nursing home. Other members of the family will enjoy reading about them and thinking back on the times they were spent together.

This Father’s Day, your dad might enjoy receiving another necktie as a gift; however, a quilt that is made from his old ties is almost guaranteed to win him over completely. Include your other quilting-interested siblings in your project and give the finished product as a gift that was made by the entire quilting family if you have more than one quilting sibling.

The borders of this wall hanging are made using silk ties. The cats are embroidered on silk.This is another design using silk ties.
These will be hand appliqued onto squares of silk.

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