Happy March Ideas: How To Celebrate National Craft Month For Quilters?

We begin to see new life and new colors in the month of March. It is a gateway to spring! What crafter isn’t inspired by the new life, new colors, and fresh air that March brings? It’s no wonder, then, that March is National Crafting Month. 

You may be dedicated solely to quilting, but lots of quilters enjoy a variety of types of crafting. Sometimes they use their other craft experiences in their quilt projects. Sometimes they apply techniques from other crafts in their quilting. So in many ways, being a multi-crafter can be good for your quilting.

For instance, people who enjoy painting in addition to quilting can combine the two to learn a new skill like thread painting. In thread painting, the quilter utilizes thread just like a painter would use paints. Instead of the brush stroke and paint color, the thread painter concerns himself/herself with the length and width of stitches along with the color of thread.

Crafters with an interest in art have a lot of possibilities when it comes to quilting. For instance, you could paint directly onto your fabric. You could cut tiny snippets of fabric to create mosaic quilts. You could use an embroidery technique like redwork as a “sketching” option in your quilt blocks.

A lot of quilt blocks use contrasting colors to develop the appearance of three-dimensional effects. 3-d is a very big trend right now in televisions and movies. The best thing about 3-d quilts is that no special glasses are required!

If you also happen to be into scrapbooking, you probably have some interesting items you can likewise use in your quilting hobby.  Use die-cut shapes to trace onto fabric to make appliques.  You can do the same thing with stamps. Large stamps with simple shapes make the best appliques.  Try using your scrapbook stamps with a water-soluble ink to stamp embroidery designs onto your quilt blocks. Use your favorite embroidery stitches to complete the design. By using a water-soluble pen, it is possible to ink isolated elements of the stamp.

Is doll housing your hobby? Make tiny quilts for your rooms. Use scraps to braid matching rugs for the tiny floors.

A lot of crafters enjoy repurposing items for household use. It would be fun to incorporate a repurposing hobby with quilting because the foundations of quilting have roots in repurposing anyway. We are all familiar with stories of pioneer women who used scraps to make family covers or  Civil War quilters who used scraps of old clothing to send the men off to war.  Today’s repurposing can be much more fun though. For instance, piece together quilt blocks and use them to cover a plain lampshade.

Cut strips of quilt blocks and zig-zag stitch them to the edge of pillowcases to liven up your bedding.  Coordinate with the master bathroom by adding more of the same strips to bath towels.

Do you enjoy cross-stitching for your other hobby? Make a medallion quilt with a large cross-stitched image in the center.

Is photography your hobby? Why not take photos of the quilts you have made? You could even make a collection of photos depicting quilts that belong to family members. It would become a visual family tree – in quilt form of course. Turn the photo collection into a digital or printed journal by adding a brief description of each quilt, who made it, whether or not it was a gift, etc. If making a printed version, make book covers from old quilt blocks.

There are so many ways to incorporate different hobbies into your quilting. Adding something new can breathe new life into your quilting.

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