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Among the development of world fashion, clothes manufacturers are required to provide a variety of fashions. Automatically, the development of sewing machines is also needed. Range of sophistication was offered in a modern sewing machine. The sophistication minimizes the possibility of damage to the sewing machine. But, somehow, sometimes the damage is still happening with a variety of events and accidents. And usually, the sewing machine has provided a place to repair to the experts, the repair service that is controlled by the manufacturer, which must have determined the rate of improvements made. Unfortunately, most of the services provide a substantial rate, although the damage was not too severe.

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There is another way out to fix your sewing machine, for example by calling a professional who can be contacted through the official company branch of sewing machine, or by the store where you bought the sewing machine. But certainly, the price offered can also drain the pouch. If the economic conditions allow, then it’s not a problem. But if your finance is in a state of ‘unsafe’, fixing the sewing machine by yourself seems to be a better choice than that.

Usually, before you start sewing, there has been a horrible thought such as a fear of the results that would produce new problems. That way is the beginning of repairing the sewing machine. It is a reasonable suggestion for something that is just beginning. In fact, fix a sewing machine does not like what he imagined at first. Instead, you can easily learn the basics of how to repair sewing machines.

The equipment you need in repairing sewing machines are as follows:

  • Small Screwdrivers.
  • Tweezers. Get a full set of different types to get into all the small places)
  • White Lithium Grease (Grease is as essential as oil)
  • Vacuum with Crevice Attachment. Nice hand vac is perfect for this. Bits of cloth are bound to get stuck in the machine.
  • Sewing Machine Oil which is recommended for your machine. You need to keep moving parts lubricated or they will slow down.
  • Replacement Drive Belt (Always have one of these handy. There’s nothing worse than the belt going and having to wait for another one to arrive before you can continue)
  • Sewing Machine Oil

And the following are the ways to overcome the common problems that are happening in the sewing machine:

  1. Maintaining the Belt. Remove the covers over the belt and inspect the machine belt for tightness. If it is too slack, increasing the tension is a simple job. It is done by moving the motor with the belt on it away from the handwheel to increase the tension. You simply unscrew the motor until it is moving and move it further away from the handwheel. Then, when the tension is correct, tighten the motor. Replacing a sewing machine belt is a pretty simple task that you can do in a matter of minutes.
  2. Cleaning and oiling the machine. The stage is easy to clean and lubricate the machine at the sewing machine by putting the covers safely to one side with the screws after removing the cover from the top, bottom, and wheels using a hand screwdriver. After that, use tweezers to catch any thread that is trapped in the vicinity of moving parts. After a clean look, you can lubricate the other moving parts with oil. Finally, you can run a sewing machine as usual.
  3. Simple Clean and Oil Job. This is actually basic maintenance of a sewing machine, but don’t ignore it. Doing the basic things will have a massive effect on the efficiency of your machine. Many people ignore basic maintenance and end up paying huge bills because ignoring the basics can lead to bigger problems in the long term.

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