How To Blind Stitch A Label Onto Your Quilt?

Q: How do I attach my label onto my quilt?

A: The most frequent method for affixing a label to your quilt is by using a stitch called a blind stitch. The backing and the applique pieces can both be attached with this stitch, making it a versatile option.

After passing your needle through a few threads of the backing cloth, move on to the label.

And it is easy to do:

  • Step 1

Pull your thread with a knot through the backing fabric and have the needle come out right next to your label.

In the picture to the left, you can see that the first stitch comes up from the purple backing and goes through the pink label very near the corner of the label.

  • Step 2

The first stitch will be through your label. Put your needle through just a few threads in the label, and pull the needle and thread through.

  • Step 3

Once your thread is through, put your needle through a few threads of your backing fabric very near the spot that your thread came through the label. These stitches should be slightly longer than 1/8 inch. Small is good, but too small is ridiculous.

If the stitches are too long, the label will easily come off just from wear.

  • Step 4

Continue around the label until you reach back to where you began. Tie a knot and then pull the knot inside the backing fabric – to hide it.

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