How To Choose Embroidery Machine Threads? – (Beginner Guide)

Choosing embroidery machine threads for your embroidery and sewing machines can be challenging. There are so many different thread weight and fiber choices available that it can be a little difficult to make a selection for any given project.

The information here should make it easier to select the right embroidery machine thread for achieving the embroidery design you want.

There are a few factors that will be a matter of taste or will be determined by what your pattern calls for. Thread color choices are among those factors. There are some things that you can do to make the entire process of choosing the right thread colors easier though.

Having a well-organized crafting area will help tremendously. Ensure that you have a good thread storage station, including designated areas for bobbins and different spool and cone sizes. You should also consider labeling your threads or separating them by fiber type in order to make it easier to select the right thread for each embroidery project.

Now, when it comes to finding the right thread type, there are a few hints that can be helpful. Rayon thread is the most popular fiber choice for embroidery projects. This is due in part to the appearance of the thread, as it gives off a nice sheen. It is also very durable and inexpensive. Thirty and forty-weight rayon threads are the most common varieties.

A polyester thread is the second most popular choice among embroiderers. It is also very strong and inexpensive and gives off a similar sheen to that of the rayon variety. Polyester stores well without losing its color or shine too. Thirty, forty and fifty-weight polyester threads can easily be found in most online and local sewing and hobby shops.

There are polished cotton threads that look nice, at least for a time, but they do tend to lose their color and sheen with age. The cotton thread also breaks easier in embroidery and sewing machines. Other varieties of thread can be used for embroidery, including metallic, wool, and acrylic, but none offer the same benefits as rayon and polyester.

Fabrics and Threads For Embroidery Sewing Machines

Computerized embroidery sewing machines are able to embroider almost any fabric.  Just make sure to use the proper stabilizer.

Polyester, rayon, and metal threads are among some of the best threads used for embroidery.  Polyester is known as a stable thread that maintains its original color and is fairly strong.  It is highly recommended that you use 40W thread for the upper thread and 60W or 90W for the lower bobbin.

Choosing the best embroidery sewing machine may seem like a hard task, at first.  On the other hand, it could be a great fan!  Use our embroidery sewing machine reviews to learn more about these machines. We hope the following information will help you make the best decision.

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