How To Cut Triangles From Square Fabric For Quilting?

We’re all looking for quicker ways to do everything quilting, and that includes cutting. Half-square triangles are no exception.

It makes sense that you can cut half-square triangles from squares instead of cutting each triangle individually. There’s just one little extra tip that makes this possible:

Calculate the finished size of the short side of the triangle and then add 7/8″ to the number. (For example, your finished size square is 3,” you will cut a strip 3 7/8″ wide.)

Cut a strip of fabric that width

Cut squares from the strip of fabric (Using the same example, cut 3 7/8″ squares.)

Cut the squares in half diagonally to create the half-square triangle. (Cut your squares from corner to corner.) This process is not limited to rotary cutting. For those scissors-users among us, just mark your fabric and cut.

By Penny Halgren of

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