How To Cut Triangles From Square Fabric For Quilting?

Everyone in the quilting community is seeking for faster ways to complete all aspects of the craft, including cutting. There is no exemption made for half-square triangles.

It makes perfect sense to be able to cut half-square triangles from squares rather than cutting individual triangles out of each square. There is only one additional nugget of advice needed to make this a reality:

Calculate the finished size of the short side of the triangle and then add 7/8″ to the number. (For example, your finished size square is 3,” you will cut a strip 3 7/8″ wide.)

Cut a strip of fabric that width

Cut squares from the strip of fabric (Using the same example, cut 3 7/8″ squares.)

Cut the squares in half diagonally to create the half-square triangle. (Cut your squares from corner to corner.) This process is not limited to rotary cutting. For those scissors-users among us, just mark your fabric and cut.

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