How To Hand Quilt For Beginners?

The majority of quilters attempt to create hand quilting stitches that are short and even. Having the appropriate tools at your disposal is essential to achieving this goal successfully. Here are some key hand quilt tips

  • High quality, 100% cotton quilting thread. Quilting thread is a little different from other threads in that it has a kind of waxy coating on it to help it glide through all the layers of your quilt.
  • Quilting needles, called Betweens. These needles are shorter than other needles which helps create the smaller stitches. They come in sizes 9, 10, and 12. The larger the number the shorter the needle.
  • Small scissors for clipping threads. I use very sharp embroidery scissors for my quilting.
  • Thimble that fits the finger that will push the needle through the quilt. Some quilters use their middle finger, others use their thumb. Whichever it is, you will have more success in hand quilting if you use a thimble that fits.
  • Quilt frame or hoop. This will put even tension on your quilt and help prevent puckers and pleats. A quilt frame generally is a large frame that stands on the floor by itself. A hoop is smaller, and you can hold the quilt in your lap.

How To Do A Knot In Thread For Hand Sewing?

Thread has direction, so it matters where the knot is for hand sewing.

When you thread your needle for hand sewing – whether it is piecing or quilting – tie a knot in the end of the thread that is closest to where you cut the thread off of the spool.

Because thread is twisted as it is made, it has a kind of “grain.” Stitching with the thread in the direction it comes off the spool will keep it from tangling and twisting as much when you are sewing.

What Is Speed Hand Stitching?

When you are hand stitching a seam (not quilting)…

…you can increase your speed by holding the needle in one hand and moving the fabric up and down (or back and forth), feeding it onto the needle.

It’s easy to feed up to 1 inch of fabric onto a needle before you need to pull the thread through.

How To Hand Piece A Straight And Flat Seam?

When you are hand stitching a seam, let the thread control the fabric… …so it lies flat without any puckers or pleats.

Be sure you don’t pull the thread too tight or leave it too loose.

To get smooth seams, make sure you are sewing on the exact line you have drawn for the seam allowance.

Keep from tugging one piece of fabric to fit another piece. If you have cut the pieces correctly and are sewing them straight, they should fit.

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