How To Make A Simple Double Irish Chain Friendship Quilt? Free Pattern!

If you’re thinking about working on an Irish Chain quilt, why not a Double Irish Chain?

This Double Irish Chain quilt is more traditional, using light fabrics as a background, with the chain being a contrasting color. Click on the picture for a larger image.

It looks complicated, but really it is pretty straightforward.

The quilt is made from only 2 basic blocks.

Block pattern A in a Double Irish Chain Quilt.

Block Pattern A is a 5 patch made of 25 square patches. In this example, each square patch is 2 inches. 

Block pattern B in a Double Irish Chain Quilt.

Block Pattern B has a central square that is 6 inches by 6 inches and is surrounded by strips that frame the center square.  The strips are each 2 inches wide and 6 inches long, with 2-inch square cornerstones.

You can easily change the size of the quilt by changing the size of the square patches or by adding or subtracting blocks.

The blocks simply alternate A then B then A then B then A on the first row (using an example of 5 blocks on each row.

The second row begins with block B then comes A then B then A then B. Each row begins with the alternate block from the row before.

Add borders, quilt, and bind – and you’re done!

This is also a fun quilt as a friendship gift. Your friends can sign in the large squares, either before or after it is presented to the recipient.

Click on the image of the quilt below and a pdf file will open with the pattern and instructions for the quilt.

Double Irish Chain Quilt.
Click on the image to get the free pattern.

There are two borders – the first one is 2-1/2″ and the outside border is 4-1/2″ wide. 

Both of those sizes are the finished size.

Hope this helps.

Click on the quilt picture to open a .pdf document with the fabric yardage requirements and a printable picture of the quilt. 

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