How To Piece A Diamond Quilt From Fabric Stash?

This is with the new diamond templates that came with Jan Krentz’s book, Quick Star Quilts.

I just love the book and have found the quilt I will make.

So, I decided to use the templates to cut the center diamonds for my quilt.

And, now I just love the templates.

Check below to see how I cut the fabric for the center star in my new quilt.

I seem to be having problems ordering books and templates, though. First I ran out of books, and, I now have a bunch of both books and templates unclaimed.

With the economy the way it is, I have decided to focus my quilting on the fabrics in my stash. Lord knows I have plenty.

As I pawed through, I found this fun little stripe and looking at Jan’s book discovered that she uses fabric with stripes and other geometric patterns. So, I decided to give it a try.

Because the diamond template is half of a diamond, I folded my fabric in half so I could place the template on the fold. I made sure to line up the stripes in my fabric so they would line up with the diamond shape.
Next, I decided how large I wanted my diamond to be. The template is marked with lines going from side to side (parallel with the bottom of the template). I am assuming these are inch lines and would represent an inch on both sides of the diamond – although that will remain to be seen. I decided that I wanted my diamonds to be a moderate length, so I chose the 5th line from the tip to be the center of the diamond and placed that line on the fold of the fabric.
As I placed the template on the fabric, I discovered that you can use some of the lines to center it in the design of your fabric. For example, the second red line from the tip could be centered between the stripes next to the turquoise. That would ensure that the diamond is cut in the center of the fabric design.
Once you have the template lined up, cut the fabric and separate the piece. Because I was cutting with both my left hand and right hand, my first cut on the right side missed the mark, and I had to straighten out the cut.
As I opened up the fabric, I noticed that there was a cool little red design that crossed the diamonds. Since the fabric needed to be re-folded in order to get enough diamonds, I made sure to fold the fabric so that the red design would match the diamonds already cut. Check your fabric to see if there are designs that appear, and see what you can do to line them up.
Once all of the diamonds were cut, I placed them on my flannel board, ready to sew together. You will notice that there are two different designs. I could have cut the fabric so that there would be only one design. This is the center star of my quilt. I will make the Painter’s Palette design from Jan’s book, Quick Star Quilts. I can’t say that mine will be a painter’s palette, but I liked the design of the quilt.

For more information about Jan’s book, read this review.

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