How To Start A Quilting Blog For Free & Get Followers?

If you want to show off your quilts for the world to see, the best way to reach the world is via the Internet.

Many people think posting things online for the world to see is difficult or expensive.

But it’s really neither if you know where to look. If you just want to upload photos and add captions, try a site like

You can upload a limited amount for free. You can really establish an image for yourself (which is important if you are a professional quilter or own a quilt related business) by blogging.

“Blog” is an abbreviated term for web log, which basically is a journal. Blogging can be free, too. Two very popular sites that offer blogging for free are WordPress and Blogger.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. WordPress is used by many people for resumes and business sites. A good number of templates are available that allow you to customize your web page. Posting your comments is also easy.

Blogger does not seem to have the professional usage that WordPress does, but offers more templates for customizing your page. If you search the Internet, you can find oodles of free backgrounds and layouts for your Blogger hosted blog.

Check out Hot Bliggity Blog and The Cutest Blog on the Block. Sites like these give you a code to copy and paste into the html feature on your blog page.

This code will formulate the design you selected from your background choices.

Your blog allows you to add photos and captions for each. In addition, a blog allows others to comment on your posts (if you allow it in your security settings). You get feedback on your quilts! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Whether you are blogging about your quilts for business or for fun, if you want people to see those quilts, you will have to attract readers. There are several ways to find readers for your blog.

First of all, let your friends know your blog address and ask them to follow you. If they follow you, they will get an emailed notice whenever you update your blog. Are you a member of an online quilting group (or any other kind of group)?

If so, let those members know and ask them to follow you as well. Be sure to register the site with Google.

There’s no denying that Google is the search engine giant. Most blog set ups will ask during the initial process whether you want to notify the search engines. By all means, click “yes” for this.

You can register with Google as an after thought at the Google website.

Blog sites like Blogger give you the option of monetizing your blog. This means they will place ads on your page and you get paid for each time a reader clicks on an ad.

You cannot click on your own ads, though, so don’t even think about that. The Google ad program is called “AdSense.” You can register for AdSense with an email account. Google offers more information about this on its website.

If you are a member of Facebook or My Space, you can use those sites to draw traffic to your blog. For instance, post your blog address in your Facebook status one day. Be sure to list your blog as one of your other emails sites.

You might even consider setting up a Facebook page to help promote your site.

Develop a page and ask people to become fans. Be sure to drop a note on that page from time to time to keep your “fans” interested. Try posting to Twitter, too.

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