How To Use Paper Templates For Quilting?

If you use any quilting software or print out templates on paper, but are restricted by the size of the paper – for example, the entire template does not fit on a sheet of paper – here is a solution to consider: try folding the template and your fabric in half.

I used a template in the shape of a trapezoid, which was shaped like a boat bottom, and the point of the template extended onto a second sheet. Because I did not want to spend the time necessary to glue the two parts together, I folded the template in what would be considered to be half if the entire thing were present. (Yes, I do print on both sides of my paper from time to time!)
You will need to exercise some creativity, but once you have traced and cut out the template, you should be able to align the majority of the sides and corners, just like in the example. After that, fold your fabric in accordance with the directions provided by the template, and position it on top of the fabric so that the folds are aligned.

After you have cut your fabric, you should unfold it. You should now have a finished shape that is ready to be stitched into your block. This shape should include seam allowances.

You are able to cut through multiple layers simultaneously.

I usually only cut through four layers of fabric at a time; this is especially true if the shape requires me to flip the fabric over on my cutting mat. Because there are four layers, you will be able to cut two of these shapes at the same time if you use that many layers.

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