How To Use Paper Templates For Quilting?

If you use any quilting software or print out templates on paper, but are limited by the size of the paper – i.e., the whole template doesn’t fit on a sheet of paper, here is an option: try folding the template and your fabric in half.

I had a template that was a trapezoid (boat bottom), and the point flopped over to a second sheet.Not wanting to take the time to glue the two pieces together, I folded the template in what would be half, if the whole thing were there.(Yes I sometimes print on both sides of my paper!)
You have to be a bit imaginative, but when you cut the template out, you can probably line up most of the sides and corners, as you can see in the example.

Then fold your fabric the same way the template is folded, and place the template on the fabric, matching the folds.Cut your fabric, and then unfold it. You should have a complete shape, including seam allowances – ready to stitch into your block.

You can cut multiple layers at once.

I tend to cut only 4 layers of fabric; especially if the shape requires that I turn it around on my cutting mat. With four layers, you will be able to cut 2 of these shapes at the same time.

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