Kutztown Folk Festival For Quilt Lovers

Kutztown, Pennsylvania served as the host location for the very first annual Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival in 1949.

Since that time, the Festival has been held on the weekend closest to the fourth of July each and every year.

This event is held somewhere between Allentown and Reading, not too far from New Jersey, and it features bands and other forms of entertainment (such as a cake walk), in addition to quilts, crafts, special foods, and folk culture.

There are over 2500 quilts available for purchase. That is one impressive quilt sale.

Every single one of the quilts was crafted in the area — after all, this is Pennsylvania Dutch country — and each one was made by hand. They are on display as well as available for purchase.

Quilters from all over the world gather to place bids on the 24 prize-winning quilts that were made by the local Mennonites. These quilts are considered to be the “best of the best.”

Throughout the duration of the festival, the Quilt Barn is a hub of activity thanks to the Quilting Bee and various quilting demonstrations. People who come to the show during the week can contribute to the making of a visitors’ quilt.

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