Quilt Community Ideas: Organize A Quilt Documentation Day

The Quilt Documentation Day was a huge success for everyone. Discovering new quilts brings a new level of excitement to each day.

Documentation Day is something we do every year in spite of the fact that we all enjoy getting together and showing off the quilts we’ve recently made in addition to the older ones we’ve collected over the years. Quilts have played an important role in the history of both our county and the surrounding regional area throughout the years. I immediately think of our history, but I also consider the rich societal and cultural background that our quilts represent.

Every time we get together, we have the privilege of seeing extraordinary quilts that were either made in my County or moved there. When we document quilt history in our own time, we become a part of the history that we are recording.

Because we know that certain regions of our country were responsible for the creation of particular quilt patterns and styles, we are able to determine the location from which the quilts originated. When the owner of a quilt has the foresight to sign and/or label it, the rest of us are able to participate in the history of both the quilt and the owner’s or maker’s journey through life.

We quilt to commemorate, such as the World’s Fair Century of Progress quilts or the many quilts that arise from a shared event, such as the Quilts of Valor, just as those who came before us did. We quilt to create and celebrate events such as weddings and the birth of new family members. We quilt as a way to cope with our grief because we know that keeping our hands busy allows our hearts to begin the process of healing.

Whether you are a quilter, collect quilts, have quilts to share, or are simply curious about quilting, I encourage you to organize a Quilt Documentation Day as we do here, or if you already have one regularly in your county, be sure to participate in it! If you already have one regularly in your county, I encourage you to organize a Quilt Documentation Day as we do here. This is an amazing opportunity to document and talk about even more quilts!

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