Quilt Community Ideas: Organize A Quilt Documentation Day

We had an excellent Quilt Documentation Day. This is truly another exciting day of quilt discovery!

Although we all enjoy getting together and sharing the quilts, both vintage and newly made, there is an enduring reason for us to have Documentation Day. On a local level, quilts have been an important part of the history of our county and regional area. I think of course of our heritage but also the social and cultural history that our quilts contain.

Each time we get together we have the privilege of seeing extraordinary quilts made or migrated to my County. We become a part of that history when we document quilt history in our own time.

We know certain quilt patterns and styles were made in certain areas of our country so we can identify where the quilts originated. When someone has had the foresight to sign and/or label their quilt we can all share in the history of the quilt’s as well as the owner’s/maker’s journey.

We as well as those before us quilt to create, and celebrate, events such as weddings and the birth of new family members, we quilt to commemorate, such as the World’s Fair Century of Progress quilts or the many quilts that arise from a shared event, such as the Quilts of Valor. We quilt to grieve, knowing that when our hands are busy it gives our hearts a chance to heal.

Whether you are a quilter, collect quilts, have quilts to share, or are curious about quilting, I encourage you to organize a Quilt Documentation Day as we do here or if you already have one regularly in your county be sure to participate! It’s an incredible opportunity to document and discuss yet more quilts!

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