Quilting Business Idea – Give Old Quilts New Life

Even if you are not a quilter, you can still have your own quilting business.

Create your own niche in the quilting business by giving old quilts new life.

Chances are that you have several old quilts in your house.

You never use them because they are old and lumpy. Don’t discard them!

There’s a lot of charm left in those old, lumpy quilts! Try recycling those quilts into other items.

The older and more “vintage” the quilt, the more you can charge for the item!

Do you like to sew purses?

It’s been a hot trend over the past few years.

Add something new by making the purse from old quilts. Add additional embellishments like beads or sequins for a truly unique look. Use old quilts to decorate simple photo frames.

The look would be very unique and totally marketable to anyone who loves quilts or quilting. Old quilts can also be used to decorate scrap book and photo album covers.

If you are custom making these covers, you can even personalize them with embroidery (machine or hand) before completing construction of your project. If you like to make dolls, consider using old quilts in your sewing.

An old world Santa would look stunning in a coat made from an old quilt.

Speaking of Santa, you could also make Christmas ornaments from old quilts.

Use the old quilts to make balls to hang on your tree.

Stuff them for added fullness and add buttons or tassels to the top or bottom to completely dress up the old quilt.

Christmas Stockings would be another great item to construct from old quilts. Personalize them with machine or hand embroidery, fabric paint, or hot fix rhinestones and sequins for a really unique look.

If you have more ideas than old quilts to go around, finding more is not a difficult task.

Start shopping at thrift stores and yard sales to find old quilts.Check out Our Marketplace. Maybe you’ll find old quilts there.

Ask friends and family members if they have any old quilts they’d like to get rid of.

One small stain on a quilt may be enough to take it out of circulation, but won’t be a problem to work around as you make various crafts from it!

As you search for more old quilts, look for fabrics that are not so worn that they cannot be washed.

Even though the person who buys the purse or decorations that you make may never wash them, you will want to wash them before you use them in your crafts.

Resist the temptation to use scented laundry detergent when washing old quilts you will use in your crafting projects.

Use only unscented and dye free detergents when you wash your old quilts.

When producing items for sale, it is best to stick with hypoallergenic products for washing!

If you are working your quilt recycling business from home, keep in mind that your customers may want items produced in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

That’s something you may choose to note on your products, too.

The crafter who recycles quilts has many options for selling his or her products.

You may sell them through ads in magazines or online newsletters, through your own online store or auction, and even at craft shows and sales.

Depending on the products you actually create, you might be able to sell those in retail locations.

Work out an arrangement with a store owner to sell your items wholesale or on consignment.

In a wholesale arrangement, the store owner would buy items from you, then mark them up to make a profit.

With a consignment arrangement, you would leave products at the store and only be paid when they actually sold. Either way can work to your advantage!

Selling your items in Our Marketplace costs nothing but the price of your monthly membership.

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