Quilts With Bears On Them

It all began when I was looking through a quilt book that has animal patterns in it.

Bears All-Around

I had just finished making a bunch of Bear Paw quilt blocks (for some unknown reason), and I was looking for something interesting to do with them.

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The bears in the animal quilt block book seemed like the perfect thing.

I decided to make the bears from various plaid homespun fabrics, and each bear is different.

From there, the Flying Geese were added running horizontally across the quilt, as if they were flying back and forth, while the trees were used for vertical sashing between the bears as if they were planted in the forest.

The sawtooth borders were added, and instead of working them into the corners, I used pinwheels to fill in as cornerstones.

And now to add the Bear Paw blocks around the outside. You may notice a random house quilt block in the lower corner. As it turns out, I ran out of fabric for the Bear Paw blocks, and am now filling in the spaces with other blocks. The house fits nicely in that corner, and there will be a tree in the upper border.

It always amazes me how it all fits together even with these make-it-up-as-you-go projects.

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