Red, White And Blue Patriotic Quilt Images For 2021 Independent Day & Memorial Day Inspiration

Flannel Flag “Premiums” Quilt

While traveling through the Colorado Rockies, I came upon an antique shop that had a stack of flannel flags from countries all over the world. How intrigued I was to discover this treasure. Research provided the key.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s flour, sugar and tea manufacturers enclosed a small flag or banner with their product. Sometimes these were made of flannel, and sometimes they were made of silk. In addition, small flannel flags or banners were given with tobacco purchases.

Ladies used these to make table coverings as well as quilts. Some of the silk banners have portraits of women on them, and are fairly small. The flannel pieces have flags, college crests, and Indian designs, and are all different sizes, some quite large.

Antique Patriotic Quilt

This antique patriotic quilt is part of the collection of the Denver Art Museum. I have no idea why the quilter put the flags upside-down in the top row and the bottom row. Any ideas? An upside down flag is a sign of distress or turmoil. Maybe we were at war?

Memorial Day Selvage Quilt

Today in the US we are honoring those who gave their lives serving our country. This patriotic selvage quilt is the creation of Diane Schneck of New York City and fellow member of Empire Quilters.

National Tribute Quilt

This is a close-up view of part of the National Tribute Quilt, made in honor of the people who lost thier lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

Did you know the 30th President of the US Quilted?

Did you know our 30th President Quilted?

Calvin Coolidge was just a boy, I think maybe 10 or younger. The boys back then had to learn because it helped them with the horses equipment.

Mr. Coolidge’s Mother had tuberculosis and so as a young boy, he would sit with his Mother and they would quilt.

They made one Quilt together and it now hangs in a museum.

As added information:

For the 4th of July celebration in 2005, Fiber Arts in Vermont organized a raffle to benefit the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site for the care and preservation of its textile collection. Details about the event and Coolidge’s quilt can be found at:

Calvin Coolidge Quilt Reproduction Auctioned in 2005

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