Sewing Business Without Quilting – Sell Quilt Kits

It is not necessary to be able to quilt in order to launch a quilting business.

In the vast world of quilting businesses, there is a plethora of opportunity waiting for you to discover it.

One example of a niche market is the production and sale of quilting kits. Quilting kits are what beginning quilters typically purchase. They are the people you want to sell to. When you are planning your quilting kits, it is important to keep in mind some of the challenges that a beginner quilter would face and to make an effort to overcome those challenges.

For example, a beginner quilter might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of patterns that are available to choose from. If a beginner chooses a complicated pattern for their first quilt, there is a good chance that the project will never be completed, and the beginner may never give quilting another shot. Choose straightforward patchwork designs for your quilting kits to sidestep this problem.

The choice of fabric presents yet another challenge for quilters just starting out. Your quilting kit will come with the individual fabric pieces, removing any element of guesswork associated with color coordination and the selection of appropriate fabrics.

Proceed with cutting the pattern pieces for your quilting kits as well. I won’t stop you. This is going to be very enjoyable for those just starting out! Quilters who are at an intermediate level might appreciate having another choice. Printing (or tracing) the patterns onto the fabric and letting the quilter cut them out is a technique that is suitable for quilters with a moderate level of experience. However, you should think about how much time it might take to complete this task.

Don’t forget to include some needles and threads if you plan on doing any hand stitching.

When we talk about levels, we should mention that you can offer quilting kits at a wide variety of different levels. You could make kits for quilt block pillows, wall hangings, lap quilts, or full size quilts. All of these options are quilts. You could also make dolls and toys out of quilted fabric and sell them as kits.

Holiday-themed quilting kits could represent yet another potential submarket for these products. You should sell kits that can be used to make ornaments and other types of decorations.

How do you intend to go about selling your quilting kits? A lot of people have goals of breaking into the mass market, but you can sell your quilting kits even if you don’t have a contract with a major retail chain. You might want to think about selling the kits through your own website or an online store. You might even consider selling them through an online auction website or retail outlet.

If you choose to advertise in craft magazines, taking out a few line ads in the classified section is an easy and cost-effective way to do so. Also, don’t forget about all the free publications that are available in your particular region. Free classified ads can be found in many local newspapers and magazines that are tabloid-sized.

It is not difficult to write a classified line ad that is effective. Keep the information succinct and to the point, and don’t overlook the importance of including your contact details. A good advertisement for a classified service might read as follows: “Quilting kits. Excellent for those just starting out! Visit my website at to view the designs.

In addition to this, you will need to consider how the kits will be packaged. The first method that comes to mind, which is also the most likely to be the simplest, is to include the pieces of fabric, the threads, the needle, and clear instructions in a plastic bag that can be sealed. The goal is to not complicate things for the person who is purchasing the kit, but to generate revenue for the company selling it. Therefore, the more profitable your kit will be, the less paper you need to include for the instructions. However, make sure that you include all of the required instructions!

For example, your detailed instructions might only require one side of the paper or card stock that you use. On the opposite side, take a picture of one of the quilt blocks that you have finished using your kit. Be sure to include the name of your company and a way for customers to get in touch with you on this side as well.

Printing professionally is now much more within reach of the average person thanks to the proliferation of affordable color laser printers and personal computers. If you intend to print your own instructions, you should give some thought to purchasing a laser printer. If the inkjet copy gets wet, it smears and runs because of the printing method.

When you are putting together your kit, you need to ensure that the sheet or cardstock is placed inside the bag in such a way that the photo of the finished quilt or block is visible from the outside. Your buyer will have the opportunity to see what they are purchasing as well as an example of how it should look once it is finished as a result of this.

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