Small DIY Quilted Gifts To Make For 2021 Birthday (Patchwork Projects From Your Scraps & Stash)

Quilting special birthday gifts for friends with hobbies is a lot of fun. Not only does it give you a chance to quilt, but you can specifically tailor the quilted gift you give to your friend’s hobby.

For instance, if you have a friend who loves scrapbooking, make a quilted scrapbook cover to give. Or, create a quilted tote to carry around scrapbooking supplies.

Making quilted gifts for friends who love reading is also full of possibilities. Quilted bookmarks are easy, small gifts that are a lot of fun to make. Be sure to use a low pile batting so the bookmark won’t be too puffy.  Patchwork totes are another great idea for readers.  Include a small quilted pouch to hold reading glasses or library cards.

Make a quilted journal cover for friends who like to write.  Convert a quilt block pattern to fit the size you need, design a custom appliqué, or make a crazy quilt journal cover.  A small, quilted pencil or pen carrying case to match makes a nice present combo.

Got a friend that is crazy about playing Bingo? Quilt a handy carrying pouch to hold a selection of daubers.  Use any fabric, especially colors your friend likes, or use fabric printed with various Bingo motifs.

Quilted carrying pouches are great for kids, too. Make one especially for carting around crayons or markers.

You can make lots of gifts for friends who like to cook. In addition to obvious ideas like pot holders and oven mits that can be quilted, you can also make nice aprons, trivets, and kitchen wall hangings. Casserole carriers are also nice quilted gifts.

For friends who like exercise, make a quilted water bottle holder. Make a strap so it can be attached to a belt loop, wrist, or back pack for added convenience.  A quilted exercise mat is another thoughtful gift idea.

Sports enthusiasts of all sorts could also benefit from quilted water bottle holders and mats. But what about those friends who are sports enthusiasts as spectators only? Those friends would appreciate quilted stadium cushions, lap throws or quillows (especially with a team mascot appliquéd on or made in team colors).  Actually, these are probably the easiest friends to please because you could make any quilt project using their favorite team colors!

If your sports spectator friends are the tailgate party type, your gift options open up even more. Cooking mits, aprons and potholders are givens. How about making a special quilted team flag for your friends to proudly display as they tailgate?

Friends who enjoy travel — whether they travel around the world or just take a lot of day trips — also give you more opportunities to quilt.  A patchwork neck pillow is always nice for those who must rest in the car or on the plane. A quilted hanging case makes an extra nice gift, too.  On a smaller scale, quilted bags for makeup or other necessities are also nice gifts.

Need to give a gift to a couch potato who doesn’t seem to have any hobbies? Quilting can cover that, too. A lap quilt for those cold days or nights is a good choice. How about quilting a remote control caddy to attach to the arm of a chair or sofa? Make a patchwork pillow or neck pillow for resting.

There is really something you can quilt for everyone. When looking for a gift idea for a friend, take into consideration the friend’s likes, dislikes and hobbies. By doing this, you can use your quilting skills to make one of a kind gifts for your one of a kind friends!

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