Tips for Taking Great Photos Of Your Quilt

You can take great photos of your quilts with your digital camera.

  • Taking photos outside (especially on a hazy day) is best. But you can experiment with your flash or set up near a window.
  • Take a shot “straight on” to get the whole quilt. It’s hard to see a quilt on a bed.
  • Take one or more close-ups too.

The technical stuff is incredibly easy.

  • Look at the “Quality” settings on your camera. 
  • Choose: Email or Website or UGA or 640 x 480. Those are all the same (the lowest resolution).

But if you have large files, they can easily be made email-friendly. With a few clicks on Photoshop, you’re done.

It is possible that you will need to resize the images in order to upload or submit them online. This will depend on the purpose of the photos.

After the appropriate documentation of the quilt has been completed, you are free to exhibit the quilt,, preserve it, sell it, upload images of it to websites or quilter communities, or submit it to a craft show so that it receives greater exposure.

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