Tips for Taking Great Photos Of Your Quilt

You can take great photos of your quilts with your digital camera.

  • Taking photos outside (especially on a hazy day) is best. But you can experiment with your flash or set up near a window.
  • Take a shot “straight on” to get the whole quilt. It’s hard to see a quilt on a bed.
  • Take one or more close-ups too.

The technical stuff is incredibly easy.

  • Look at the “Quality” settings on your camera. 
  • Choose: Email or Website or UGA or 640 x 480. Those are all the same (the lowest resolution).

But if you have large files, they can easily be made email-friendly. With a few clicks on Photoshop, you’re done.

Depends on the propose of the photos, you might need to resize them for upload or online submission.

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