Why You Should Start A Quilting Business?

America’s economic news has been rather grim lately for some of us this year:

pandemic, prices at the gas pump and grocery store, unemployment, and home foreclosures have all been on the rise.

What a great time to start a quilting-related business!

Why would anyone start a business right now, especially a craft-related business like quilting? I have the answers.

  1. Quilts have been and will always be a thoughtful, long-lasting gift. Whether it’s a quilt for a newlywed couple or one that celebrates the birth of a baby, a quilt gift will always be treasured and used. It’s a very practical gift. In hard economic times, gift-giving doesn’t stop; people just become more practical.
  2. Quilts create a connection with family. Everyone has a cherished quilt in their family — one made by a grandmother, or received on a special occasion. Those quilts become heirlooms and are usually passed down for several generations to enjoy. They enjoy not just the practicality of the quilt, but the wonderful story that goes along with it. Because everyone has some kind of connection with a special quilt, they are more likely to offer a special quilt of their own as a gift or heirloom treasure.
  3. Even in bad economic times, there are still people who can afford custom, top-dollar quilts. Those people are not affected by the failing economy and are not likely to be a do-it-yourselfer who would choose to make the quilt themselves.
  4. You don’t have to sell quilts to have a quilting-related business. There are many other options. For instance, you could offer your fabric remnants for sale through an online auction. Maybe you would choose to offer a quilting service, either hand or machine quilting tops made by other people. You cold even offer quilting classes. If you think no one will pay to take a class during these hard times, try working out an arrangement with a local public entity like a library, community college or community resource center. Often times, they’ll have grant funding available to offer free classes to the community (so you’d be paid by the organization, not by individuals).
  5. If you love quilting and would like to make extra money to help your family through these tough financial times, there’s no time like the present to start a quilting related business! Whether you will make and sell quilts or offer a quilting service, start-up cost can be very minimal. Write out your business info on 3×5 pieces of paper and post them on free bulletin boards around your community. Many communities also have newspapers that offer free classified ads — take advantage of them!

The American dream is to make money doing something we love. If you love quilting, it’s time to start your quilting business. Quilting businesses are great because you can work at them part time, in your spare time, until you feel comfortable making the transition into a full time career. If you’re already a quilter, you have the supplies you need at hand — no need to invest in anything new.

Since quilting is something you can do from home, you won’t necessarily need to rent a retail location. Keeping your business home-based will allow you to skip the overhead expenses of rent and utilities! Make sure to dedicated a specific area of your home to nothing but your quilting business. If you keep records of your home’s utilities, you may even be able to deduct a portion of those expenses when you file your taxes.

You define success for your own quilting business. Is your goal to make an extra $200 per month to save for next summer’s vacation? Maybe your goal is to replace your fulltime job with your quilting business. Maybe your dream is even bigger than that. With a little planning, it’s possible to achieve your quilting business dream!

Maybe you would just like to make some extra money each month.

Maybe you are miserable with your full time job and want to replace it with one you actually enjoy.

No matter what your reason for considering, it, there is no time like the present to start a quilting business of your own.

It’s been a whirlwind of learning and success! If you have been thinking of starting a quilting business but are afraid that today’s economy will not support it, think again.

Think about your own economy rather than the country’s.

If you could stand to have some extra money, start a quilting business to earn some.

Remember, even in bad economic times, there are people who are virtually unaffected by the times.

And, depending on the quilting business you choose, the economy might help your business.

For example, if you are a quilter who ha s lots of remnants or fabrics you just haven’t used, why not sell those to other quilters?

If you offer them at a discounted price, you create a win-win situation. You make money from your quilting business, and quilters save money by buying from you.

Statistics show that even though quilters prefer buying supplies from retail stores and quilt shows, the number of quilters shopping for supplies and services online has grown.

In 2003, only 17 percent of quilters said they bought more than half their supplies online or through mail order.

Just three years later, that percentage had jumped to 20 percent.

The 2006 survey shows statistics for quilters who bought more than half their supplies online.

That survey doesn’t even explore how many quilters bought less than half their supplies via the world wide web.

I’m sure that number is much larger!! There are many ways you could choose to start a quilting business — thanks to high speed internet.

High speed internet allows users to download files more quickly and safely than dial-up connections.

This means that if your quilting business involves selling quilting patterns online, your customers could buy the pattern and download it right away. No shipping and handling charges (or extra work for you) since the pattern won’t have to be mailed!

More quilters surveyed reported having high speed internet access.

In 2006, 73 percent had high speed internet access. In 2003, only 62 percent reported high speed access.. Another good thing about starting a quilting business online is that your business will be truly global. Quilting is not just an American hobby.

Quilting supplies and services offered through online quilting businesses reach much farther than the United State’s slumping economy.

Don’t let a nation’s economic woes create a slump for you or your quilting business! Internet businesses are great for a quilting business because the owner can dodge the expenses associated with renting or leasing store space, an added utility bill, etc.

When you work at home, you are already paying those expenses. Plus, you won’t feel the pressure to “sink or swim” that a retail storefront carries with it!

If you do decide that an internet quilting business is the way to go, keep track of your home expenses.

If you dedicate a certain area of your home to your quilting business, chances are that you can deduct some of those come tax time.

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